Nordic Walking Cambridgeshire: For Health and Fitness at all levels

Welcome to Nordic Walking in Cambridgeshire


Nordic Walking is a revolutionary full body workout that you can do anywhere. You can work the upper body whilst you're walking. It is an enjoyable way of getting fit and gives walking a new sense of purpose.


It is a unique form of exercise with specially designed poles to enhance your health and fitness. Suitable for all ages and fitness levels. Learn the techniques with a fully qualified Nordic Walking Instructor and then go Nordic Walking in the beautiful Cambridgeshire countryside.


Nordic Walking is a relatively new fitness activity in the UK. As a local instructor one of my goals is to raise awareness of Nordic Walking in Cambridgeshire. I also want more people to get out there to give it a go.


Armed Forces Day Nordic Walk

Nordic Walking is one of the most complete forms of exercise that you can do. By using specially designed Nordic Walking poles you work all of the major muscles in the body, without putting unnecessary strain on your joints. It's also something that can be done at a variety of levels; at a basic level to simply maintain wellbeing or at the other extreme, athletes, such as cross country skiers, use it to maintain fitness.


Burning 20% - 40% more calories than ordinary walking, Nordic Walking is about using the Nordic Walking poles for propulsion. By using the strength of your upper body, as well as your legs, to propel yourself forwards, you actually work harder and burn more energy, whilst at the same time it actually feels easier!


Nordic Walking also gets you outdoors, exploring new parts of Cambridgeshire. It's sociable, easy to learn and affordable.


I teach Nordic Walking because I love meeting people and it's wonderful to witness individuals discover a fitness activity that works for them - plus no expensive gym membership and the benefits of being outside.


So why not come along to one of my Nordic Walking sessions and see if Nordic Walking is for you? I provide the Nordic Walking poles. I am sure that you will love it!

The Benefits of Nordic Walking


There is a lot of scientific evidence about the benefits of Nordic Walking. INWA collects worldwide research concerning Nordic Walking and also consults actively with scientists, institutions and universities about new research projects.


One of the most efective activities for burning calories and building cardio-vascular fitness is cross-country skiing because both large upper and lower body muscles are fully engaged. Imagine learning a technique for all fitness levels, where you can achieve similar benifits all year round, without snow, and without increased perceived exertion! Nordic Walking is regular walking made up to 40% more effective by the use of specifically designed Nordic Walking poles.


Benefits of Nordic Walking compared to regular walking:


  • Burns up to 400+ calories per hour compared to 250 for ordinary walking. Average up to 46% more
  • Can reach the same intensity as running without the high impact
  • Strengthens your upper body: Stomach, Chest, Back and Arms
  • Relieves tension in the neck and shoulder areas
  • Reduces the stress on the lower limb joints
  • Gives a walk a sense of purpose
  • Exercises 90% or your muscles
  • Poles provide stability
  • Enhances mood
  • More Fun Fun Fun!!!

Who I am:


My Name is Mervyn S Foster, I trained with British Nordic Walking as an INWA (International Nordic Walking Association) Nordic Walking Instructor. I discovered Nordic Walking whilst training for the 47 miles, Long Distance, Pathfinder March in 2009. Although I do not run or conduct Nordic Walking Classes any more, I can direct you to qualified instructors in the Cambridgeshire area. I hold full Liability Insurance and am a trained First Aider.


More about us and meet the Team:



British Nordic Walking, the UK's National body for Nordic Walking. We wish to see more people enjoying Nordic Walking and more places offering tuition.  We are the only UK Nordic Walking Instructor training body endorsed by INWA (the International Nordic Walking Federation). British Nordic Walking works hard in promoting Nordic Walking nationally. 

INWA - International Nordic Walking Federation, the leading international Nordic Walking Federation and the world's first official international association promoting Nordic Walking, training internationally and creating a global network for Nordic Walkers, Nordic Walking Instructors, National Coaches, Nordic Walking Associations Members and Health, Fitness and Sports Organizations.