Poles. Clothing and Equipment


Nordic Walking Poles and equipment


All you really need to get started are Nordic Walking Poles which are available to use in all of my classes. Nordic walking poles are not to be confused with trekking poles as they have a number of specific differences which enable the Nordic Walking technique to be undertaken properly.


We use Top Quality 'LEKI' Nordic Walking Poles, they can be provided by your instructor if you do not have your own. Trekking Poles are NOT suitable for this session.


The general features of Nordic Walking poles:


  • Specially designed straps, which are left and right hand specific, with ergonomically shaped handles to support the technique.
  • Need to be correct for an individual's height, typically your height in cm X 0.68 and then rounded down to the nearest 5 cm's.
  • Removable rubber ‘paw’ (angled at 45 degrees) which covers the tip of the pole for walking on hard surfaces.

Good quality Nordic Walking poles will have an element of carbon and can cost anything from £45 to £150 for a pair. If you are looking to buy your own poles I have a range of best selling Nordic Walking poles for you to try in my classes.




Ideally, a walking trainer, walking boots/shoes are prefered as this allows less movement of the ankles whilst walking over different terrain. Other trainers or shoes that have sufficient cushioning and support for the foot and good grip for walking on grass are acceptable. Wellington boots are not a safe footwear for Nordic Walking and are not recommended for Nordic Walking.




In summer, wear clothing comfortable for hot weather, and either a high factor sunscreen or total body cover. Consider wearing sunglasses plus a hat to shade from the sun and reflect heat. In Dark conditions, use reflective kit and torches on the walker's body or poles.


In winter we recommend three layers, namely smooth, breathable undergarments (thermals in cold weather), warm mid-layers like fleece, topped off by windproof/waterproof outer layer (breathable fabrics are most comfortable).




We recommend that clients carry keys, water and other necessary belongings in a small rucksack or bag that does not restrict movement or affect their Nordic Walking technique.




Make sure you bring water with you for your walks.