Nordic Walking Cambridgeshire & Soothing Hands

Welcome to Nordic Walking in Cambridgeshire


Nordic Walking is a revolutionary full body workout that you can do anywhere. You can work the upper body whilst you're walking. It is an enjoyable way of getting fit and gives walking a new sense of purpose.


It is a unique form of exercise with specially designed poles to enhance your health and fitness. Suitable for all ages and fitness levels. Learn the techniques with a fully qualified Nordic Walking Instructor and then go Nordic Walking in the beautiful Cambridgeshire countryside.



Amateur Radio Station G4KLE


One of my main hobbies is Amateur Radio, I have been a licenced Operator since 1980. My Call Sign is G4KLE but I have also operated in Hong Kong as VS6KL and in Germany as DA2MS. My passion is Morse Code (CW) and I try and operate as much as I can in this Mode.


          I am also the CHAIRMAN of Huntingdonshire Amateur Radio Society (HARS)


Please visit to my Amateur Radio Page for more information.... Thank you